Events Spotlight: Franklin County Agricultural Society Auto Show, June 2nd & 3rd

With the date fast approaching for an exciting weekend of North Country fun with the Franklin County Agricultural Society Auto Show and Flea Market, we here at the fairgrounds wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the planned events for the weekend, as well as giving a reminder of the full schedule.


8 am-4 pm: Flea Market

9 am-12 pm: Auto Show Registration

1 pm: Muffler RAP, Big Block, Small Block tuners (must have mufflers)

For this event, we're taking entrants from anywhere and everywhere to show us who has the loudest muffler in the North Country. If it has a muffler and it's ready to make some noise, you'll find it here. We're going to need an audience ready for some loud pipes to help us decide who's walking out with the trophy, so bring your voice and get ready to hear some horsepower.

4 pm: Golf Cart Races (bring your own golf cart – gas or electric)

6 pm-10 pm: Dance, Legal Beverages, 50/50


8 am-3 pm: Flea Market

9 am-12 pm: Auto Show Registration

1 pm: Creeper Race

You may have seen drag races before, but what about a push-powered drag race? We've got teams, we've got cars, and they're set to push what they've got until someone hits the finish line. Leave the tank on E for this one, we're racing these cars the old-fashioned way.

2 pm: Motor Blow

Have you ever had that special kind of engine trouble, no matter what you do it just isn't going to run? Come on down and get some payback  as we run one of these things further than it's gone before, as we drain the oil from a stock motor and run it until it blows. Prizes go out to anyone guessing closest to how long the thing will last, so make sure you get a prediction in while they last.

3 pm: Awards